Conservatory Redecortation Made Easy

Our conservatories are the space where our homes connect with our gardens and outdoor spaces. The place where we can unwind on Sundays with a good book and a nice cup of tea. With this living space being such a quiet and relaxing place to be it’s important that we look after them and update them as much as we do the rest of our house. So here are some simple ideas on how to update and redecorate your conservatory so that it remains a central part of your home.


We tend to focus more on the textiles in our bedrooms and living rooms and in this respect our conservatories can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought. So reinjecting a little bit of life back into your conservatories, with some fresh new textiles, is a great place to start.

As conservatories can tend to feel a little colder than the rest of our home, particularly in the cooler months, warm rugs are essential to making this space warm and cosy. Think of plush fabrics, interesting shapes and soothing colours to really breathe new life into this room. Look into the different styles of rugs that will best accentuate the style of your room. Maybe gorgeous Scandinavian rugs would work well in your conservatory or perhaps you prefer a mix match of different patterns and textures to create an interesting contrast effect.

The textiles on your sofa and armchairs are also really important to add sophistication to this room. It’s really fun to play with different pillow combinations on sofas as you can be really creative and create many different moods to this room just by playing around with different colour, sizes and patterns. With pillows you don’t need to be too uniform with colour. You can afford to be bold to add accent colour and different pops of colour to make this room look super inviting.

Bring the Outdoors In

As your conservatories create a natural flow into your garden it makes sense to bring a little of your garden indoors and into this space. Create a fresh botanical feel in your conservatory with interesting plants and fresh flower arrangements. Not only with this add a natural and organic feel to this living space it will also fill it will a gorgeous floral perfume.

Don’t Neglect Windows

It is easy to neglect the windows in our conservatories but adding rich curtains or modern blinds, can really help make this space look extra cosy and private. As with the above, look at the existing style or perhaps the new style that you are looking to create and look how your new curtains can help you to achieve this.


We are big believers that good home ambience comes from good lighting and this also applies to your conservatories. If you like to enjoy spending time in your conservatories in the evening make sure that you have a few pretty little lamps dotted around that will light up the space in an indulgent, inviting and soothing way.

Image source: Wikimedia
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