Choosing The Best Format For Your Affiliates Blog


If you want to make money online, then setting up your own website can be one of the most reliable ways of doing so. Particularly, getting an affiliates programme attached to your blog. So, how do you make sure you’re doing it right? It all comes down to how you use your website and choose the programmes you take part in. We’ll have you making money in no time flat.

The tools you use

What are you going to use to make your website? That’s normally the first question. It all depends on how able you are to use the tools in the backend of the site. For blogs, the first one you should really consider is using WordPress for easy day-to-day operation. Of course, if you’re a bit more technically savvy, then a custom built website can offer a lot more personalised utility.

Content that matters

When you’ve got the site up, it’s about deciding what kind of content you put on it, next. Whatever you decide to put up, it needs to have value. You should write content that’s informative, entertaining or interesting. If you have that down, it’s about finding your niche, subject wise. Make sure it’s something you can write enthusiastically and often about. Keep that niche and your audience in mind for the rest of these points.


Choosing the right affiliates programmes

Right from the get-go, there are quite a few different programmes that will come rolling in. If your site builds momentum and proves useful, then you’ll find offers coming in faster than you can deal with them. Take into consideration whether or not the product is relevant to your site and that it’s reliable. Leading your readers down paths that lead nowhere good is going to lose you those readers. Thus losing you the chance to make more money in future.

Driving more traffic

Once you’ve got your content up and your affiliates programmes chosen, it’s about the readers. Sharing your content far and wide is how you gain visibility. Blogs rely on communities, so become part of them. Share content. Comment on pieces. Then build your visibility on search engines by using tools like SEO. Blogs produce a lot of content, which gives you the opportunity to be context sensitive and broaden the use of different keywords.


Getting more clicks

After you have the readers on your site, you need to think about how you get them to click the right link. That’s what affiliates do. That’s why you should make conversion rate optimisation a key part of your site design. If you’re using a client’s advert on the site, how is the rest of the site directing them towards clicking it?


We know why some people might feel two ways about disclosing their affiliate status. But nowadays, affiliates and advertising are an accepted part of the online world. So long as you’re choosing the right programmes and providing relevant, quality links, you shouldn’t be afraid of owning it. You should be more afraid of trying to hide it and getting caught. That will do a lot more damage to your site in the long run.

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