Being Fashionable Doesn’t Have To Mean Being Frivolous With Money

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There’s very much a trend in the aesthetic of many a fashion and lifestyle blogger that is, to put it gently, reckless. There’s a lot of clout to be shown in just how much money you’re willing to blow to manage your look and, while it might help an influencer working to build their brand, it doesn’t exactly help their readership build a better wardrobe without going bankrupt. Here, however, are a few tips that can do just that.

Always be bargain hunting

Whatever you’re looking to buy, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re most likely able to find it at less than full price if you’re willing to. If you’re in-store, then simply asking for a discount can sometimes work to great effect. Online, you can go bargain hunting with apps like Honey that will immediately find you any coupon codes you can apply while shopping, or other apps that can compare the deals on any one item by looking at thousands of storefronts to see the best offers.

Downsizing is always smart

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, that shouldn’t just mean you’re looking to add to it. You should always be on the lookout for things that don’t quite fit the game anymore, or that you have simply gone off. You can sell just about any clothes online, not to mention accessories. In fact, you can sell your Rolex to give you quite a nice budget boost for the next time you go clothes shopping. What’s more, it will make sure that those long-abandoned outfits get some reuse, making you less wasteful.

Buy out of season

Most stores are going to update their offerings to make sure that seasonal wear is always out in front. However, that doesn’t mean that, in summer, all of their winter clothing is simply thrown out. In most cases, they’re going to have them somewhere in the store, if not in the clearance aisle, then pretty close. This goes double for finding out-of-season clothes online. Most online clothing stores will have their entire stock available, no matter what season it is. However, since the demand for out-of-season clothing is naturally lower, that means that the price is likely to be lower, too.

Don’t fall for flash sales

A bargain is not always a good deal. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for one, those flash and seasonal sales aren’t always as much of a “sale” as you might think. Often, price reductions are less than advertised and the items getting reduced might get a more permanent reduction after the sale, anyway. It’s an unfortunately common tactic. What’s more, flash sales are designed to get you acting on your gut, making reckless purchases that you simply wouldn’t for things that you don’t really need. Minding your shopping habits should be the number one priority.

It might not be quite as glamorous, quite as extravagant to mind your money while shopping in the world of fashion, but it will help you avoid getting knee-deep into debt, so let’s keep our priorities straight.

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