Awesome Family Activities That Dad Will Love Too!


Let’s face it when you are a parent playing make-believe can get exhausting and there are only so many times you can be a dragon, pirate, or pretty, pretty princess. Of course, it’s great to nurture kids’ imaginations, but sometimes it is a good idea to do activities that everyone will enjoy. The good news is you can find 5 of the best of these in the post below. You’re welcome!

Video games

The great thing about playing video games with your kids is that there are plenty that can scratch that make-believe fantasy itch, but also provide challenging and fun gameplay. For example, the Legend of Zelda franchise on Nintendo combines gorgeous cartoon-like graphics with gameplay that can push the skills of even the most experienced gamer.

Indeed, don’t be surprised if your kids take to it like a duck to water and start becoming better than you are. After all, kids pick up new skills very quickly, and video games are no exception.


Something different from the suggestion above is to take the whole family fishing. Indeed, there are many benefits to this type of activity, including spending time outside in the fresh air and learning a practical skill, as well as teaching kids about the environment.

Of course, if you want to keep their attention, you will need to maximize your chances of making a catch. The good news is that there is plenty of advice like this carp fishing tips for consistency post you can access online that can help you do this. Although, it’s also wise to remember that when it comes to practical activities like fishing there is always some luck involved.

Spectating at a sports game

Another great family activity that dad will enjoy too is spectating at a sports game or sporting event. The most important thing to remember here is that your enthusiasm and passion for the game are what will inspire your kids. With that in mind, choosing a team, or event that you are generally interested in, is the best approach.

It’s also a smart idea to do a little preparation with your kids beforehand. This will involve the basic rules of the game they are about to watch, as well as what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour during the event. Some rules on sticking together and safety are a good idea too, especially if you are at an event that can get particularly busy.

Board games

Last, of all, the perfect activity that both dads and their kids can enjoy is playing a board game together. We’re not talking about the old classics like snakes and ladders, or Monopoly here though. Instead, choose from one of the many contemporary games that are on the market, many of which are both fun and innovative.

For example, you may wish to invest in Ticket To Ride, which sees players traveling to various locations on the map, building train tunnels and stations along the way. Then there is Throw Throw Burrito which is a high-speed card game and dodge ball combined. Most definitely fun for all the family.

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