Are These The Reasons Why You Haven’t Started Blogging Yet?

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Everybody’s doing it! Blogging fever has taken over, and everybody from your next door neighbour to your best mate’s gran are all taking to the internet to grab themselves a piece of the action. Well, we assume they are, as according to this article, there are over 152 million blogs on the internet! Chances are, somebody you know owns one of them.

But if you haven’t started a blog yet, could these be the reasons why?

Reason #1: I don’t know why I should

Why should you blog? If you have no incentive to, then what is the point?

Answer? Well, have you considered the benefits? Not only will you have a creative outlet for all of your thoughts and worldviews, but you can also make money from your blog. And they are just two of the reasons why you should. Here are 11 reasons why you might want to start a blog; we are sure you will find something within the linked article to give you the impetus to start.

Reason #2: I have nothing new to say

As we said, there are millions of blogs online, so how are you supposed to find something different, original, and downright unique to focus on?

Answer? You probably can’t! Nearly every topic under the sun will have been covered by now, so to find something original to write about is a mighty task. However, blogging is all about putting your personality to the fore, so no matter what topic you write about, you can create it within your own style, humour, and life perspectives. And if you don’t know what niche your blog should cover, think about your passions, interests, and talents. You might not have anything new to say about them (although you might), but you can still talk about the things that get you excited in your own unique way.

Reason #3: I have no technical know-how

Many people give up on the idea of blogging because they consider themselves to be technically incompetent. Without a degree in coding, how are you supposed to create your own blog in the first place?

Answer? Of course, you probably already know the answer. You don’t need to know anything about coding to get a blog online. All of the hard work has been done for you, as there are loads of blogging platforms to get you up and running in no time. However, technical problems can still occur, whether you attempt to code something or not. But in such instances, there is help available to you. Contact technical support on your chosen platform and they should be able to help you. Agencies such as Fixed offer WordPress bug fixes and support. And a quick Google search will help you find the answer to any problems you might encounter.

Final word

So, if you haven’t started blogging yet, perhaps now is the time you claimed a foothold online. Be it as a hobby or as a money-making idea, use our tips to get you started, and then begin your life as a blogger. It’s fun, profitable, and creatively engaging. After all, if your best mate’s gran can do it, then so can you!

Thanks for reading!

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