How to Successfully Grow a Social Media Presence

Social Media

In the modern era, the world of the internet which was once a parallel yet separate entity to the real world has been doing its absolute best to merge with it for the past decade. With the internet being such an obvious counterpart to most things in everyday life now, it is no wonder that online advertising is as, if not more, prominent than more traditional forms of advertisement. Bus adverts, posters, billboards, radio ads, while all still very much functional, are showing their age, and advertising on social media as well as other online platforms such as Youtube is becoming more and more profitable. In order to stay relevant, any business worth its salt should seriously consider getting involved in creating an online counterpart to their company, both as an online shop and an online entity.

Free publicity

Want to have an online presence but not invest money? Not many things are free in this day and age, but that is actually one of them. It may not be anywhere near as fast or immediately effective, but it is possible. Social media is an amazing platform for online advertisement. Websites like Facebook or Twitter, allow for both text and pictures to be posted, making it a bit more suitable than let’s say, Instagram. Although, advertising on Instagram is still very common, it just requires a slightly different approach because you can only communicate via images rather than text. This is often circumvented by just putting text in the image but that kind of defeats the point of the platform. Twitter allows for not only updating all your followers on whatever you might want them to know, but also for easy interaction with your customers. The system of replying to comments made on your tweet is very intuitive and allows others to see it as well in case they had a similar question or query. As well as general updates, try and post some more lighthearted things on your social media accounts, not everyone just wants the latest offers shoved in their faces. Post about current events, cat videos and everything else is which is pleasantly neutral, but still eye-catching and worthy of a like.

Effective advertising

If you do not wish to spend an excessively long amount of time trying to gather followers on social media by slowly working your way up, you can pay to advertise on Twitter or any other social media platform. Alternatively, get a local SEO company to help you run your social media accounts. This not only will most probably prove much more effective, but take some extra responsibilities off your mind, allowing you to focus on the next step for your business rather than trying grow your Facebook page. The probability of having an established social media account with a sizeable following after a few months of having a specialized company run it for you is rather high. Making this more of an investment rather than a regular payment. After you already have a decent amount of followers, the numbers tend to grow by themselves, allowing you to take the reins back for yourself.

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