8 Tips on Finding a Reliable Mover near Charlotte


In a big city like Charlotte, finding a mover should not be that hard. You may need their services while moving in or out of there. However, it might be tasking for some persons to get a reliable one.

Movers are logistic companies that provide moving services. When moving property from or to your new house, office, or garage, you need their services. Relocation can be stressful if you don’t get a reliable mover.

When choosing movers for your relocation, you need to get one who can take care of your property. You do not want cases of missing or damaged property. Well, if you are looking for reliable movers near Charlotte, these eight tips will prepare you.

Tips for Finding Reliable Movers near Charlotte

Are you preparing to relocate? Have you found a mover, or are you still in doubt whether you can commit one with your property? These eight tips should help you make a better decision.

Ask For Recommendations

A friend or a member of your family might have used a moving service before and will be willing to recommend one to you. When you can get good reports about a service from someone close, it means that you may likely get good service as well.

You can ask questions to rate the performance of the company. Questions like

  • What kind of service did they render?
  • What is their average response time?
  • How well did they deliver?
  • Were there troubles?

Such questions should give you background knowledge of what to expect from the company.

Know the Difference between a Mover and a Moving Broker

It is necessary to know whether the company you contract for moving your property is a broker or an actual mover. Moving brokers are companies that do not have a license for property movement. What they do is, collect the contract from you and hand it over to a licensed company. They act as a moving agent.

There are several disadvantages of contracting moving brokers. One is that you do not get to choose what company does the job for you. The broker can decide to choose a mover that is not reliable and has no insurance plan. Another risk is that you may not find anyone to account for your property when they get damaged or missing.

Additionally, brokers usually increase their prices. It is because they want to make some profit from the transaction. Transactions are often done over the phone as they might not have any physical site.


Making findings and discoveries requires research and observation. Doing transactions with a company requires you to have a good knowledge of them. During your research, you can figure out details about when they found the company, how long they have been in business, and whether they have any recognitions or awards. It is desirable to contact a company that has been in existence.

Generally, a more established business will have loads of information about them online. If you cannot find a good amount of information online about a mover, you should reconsider your option. Transparency is the foundation for trust.

Consult the State Movers Database

Some movers might make fake claims about their legitimacy. You can make your findings from the state database. The database contains a list of registered movers in the state. It provides information about the company.

The database includes the company’s registration dates, services, and contact address. Some database also has reviews from clients.

If you are moving from or to Charlotte, you can consider the requirements for intrastate property transportation. You can also find resources for this online. You can click on https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/hhg/search.asp to search for a registered mover in the U.S.

Verify Their License and Insurance

In the U.S, movers must have a license. The agency responsible for this is the F.M.C.S.A (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). They are responsible for registering and regulating trucks for the movement of properties. They also ensure that the movers are insured.

If a mover does not have insurance, you can be held liable for damages and accidents. You might pay the bills when an accident occurs. To prevent this, you have to ask for insurance proof from the company. A reliable mover should have up-to-date insurance information.

Check Reviews

Reviews are a great way of rating the performance of a mover. You can find reviews about the company on the internet. Reviews of top firms are on Yelp, Yellow pages, Google profiles, and Facebook. A reputable mover should have at least a four-star rating.

Reading reviews can be tricky so, you need to be sure that what you are reading is updated and legit. Before reading, ensure you check the review date. Reviews that are over a year should not count. You need to see recent experiences and not old ones.

Some illegal movers pay for good reviews. Ensure that what you are reading on the site is correct. A fake review can make you contract the wrong movers. You can read this article to know to spot a fake review.

Take a Trip to Their Office

The next thing to do is to visit their office. After a visit to their site online, you need to ensure that they have a location. You should avoid moving firms without a business location. It will be hard to track down movers without physical locations if there is trouble.

Another reason for visiting the company’s office is to see their organizational skills. Reliable movers should have a tidy environment, decently dressed staff, and trucks in good shape. It displays their level of organization. If you are not comfortable with the environment, you should change plans.

Request an Estimate

After you have chosen a company you want to contract, you can request an estimate. The mover might send personnel to your home or office to check out the property. It will enable them to provide you with an estimate. Depending on the company, it will contain the cost of labour and other internal fees.


Employing the services of a mover is not hard. However, there are some steps you can take to enable you to get a reliable one. You can read reviews about the company, take a trip to their office, or ask questions. In all, ensure you are comfortable with the mover you choose.

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