7 Things That Will Increase Your Company’s Creativity

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Ever found yourself stuck in a corporate rut, feeling like any vestiges of creativity that were once there have long since left the building? Let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. But fret not, because below, you will find some interesting ways you can start to bring the creativity back to your company, starting right now. And trust me, it’s not all bean bags and ping pong tables. Although, let’s face it, they do help!

Mindfulness Sessions

Before you roll your eyes at what has, let’s face it, become something of a buzzword, do hear me out! Mindfulness doesn’t mean you all need to sit cross-legged and hum together. It’s about being present and focused. So, why not kick off those stilettos (or brogues) for a five-minute breathing exercise? You’d be surprised how clarity can fuel creativity.

Away Days

And I don’t mean just swanking off to the nearest pub (although, that can be fun too). I’m talking about team-building adventures: maybe a scavenger hunt, a workshop in a forest, or even a pottery class. Get out, get messy, and get those creative neurons firing. You’ll be surprised how much a change of scene and a new activity to sink your teeth into can get you thinking about your business in new and interesting ways.

Custom Software Design

Okay, tech heads, this one’s for you! Did you know that having custom software design tailored to your company’s needs can spark creativity? Instead of struggling with generic, off-the-shelf software that might not “get” your unique flow, bespoke software can be crafted to reflect your company’s ethos and goals. It’s like having a tailored suit – it just fits better. Plus, by fostering a more efficient work environment, your team has more mental space to think outside the box.

Doodle Zones

Yes, you did read that right! Have an area in the office where people can scribble, sketch, and doodle away and see your creativity levels go through the roof. It sounds childish, but sometimes a little doodling can lead to the next big idea. And let’s be totally honest, who doesn’t love a good scribble sesh?

Lunch and Learns

Get someone (could be an employee or an expert in a random field) to chat about a topic over lunch. It could be about Mongolian throat singing, the art of making sushi, or the latest in AI advancements. Different perspectives stir the creativity pot.

Flexible Workspaces

This doesn’t mean everyone needs a standing desk, though they’re rather funky. Maybe have an area with comfy couches, or even a rooftop garden. Changing your environment can change your perspective, and that is really good for getting those creative juices flowing.

Encourage Passion Projects

Allow your employees some time to work on something they’re passionate about, even if it’s not directly related to their job. Their enthusiasm might just be contagious and inspire others! And, of course, it will keep them happy and engaged at work too.

Time to crank up those company creativity levels!

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