5 Simple Steps To A Super Secure Home


I know a lot of people that don’t take home security as seriously as they should. Why? Well, for many individuals, the cost is a significant factor. They will often look around for options that are way beyond their budgets and decide to take the cheaper gamble.

But the truth is that home security does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can achieve a level of excellent secure safety by making a few simple adjustments over time. And in this guide, I’m going to explain exactly what they are. Read on and let’s find out more!

Upgrade your locks

How old and secure are the locks in your home? While your windows and doors can last a lifetime, it’s a different matter for your locks. Standard bolts are weak and will get weaker over time. It doesn’t take much to wiggle them out of position, or even to force them through. Look for deadbolts for your doors and seek out Grade 6 certificate locks.

Install CCTV and alarms

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive alarm systems and CCTV cameras. There is a broad range of options for any budget, and the fact you have CCTV at all will be enough to put off most burglars. Most thieves are opportunists. They will spot a soft target, and if they see a camera or alarm, they will move to the next home. Yes, if you have a lot of valuable possessions, it is worth investing in a bigger, all singing all dancing system. But for most households, a simple camera and alarm will be enough to put the frighteners on any potential burglar.

Motion sensitive lights

Burglars love the dark, and anything that takes away their ability to lurk in the shadows will make most run a mile. The answer is motion sensitive lights. These types of lights work on two levels. First of all, they will expose anyone approaching your home who has no good reason to be there. Second, the sudden change from darkness to brightness is enough to give people a massive shock. The burglar won’t know straight away if it is motion lights or someone about to come out to meet them. And the chances are, they will run a mile.

Noisy gardens

Burglars also detest noise. So, think about turning your drive or garden into a crunchy, gravelly nightmare for them. It is impossible to walk across loose gravel without making a noise – even for a ballet dancer. And the more noise a burglar makes, the more likely it is they will get caught.

Get plant protection

Stop burglars from entering your windows by making it a painful experience. You could surround your windows with thorny plants, or look at European holly. You might even decide to use something like Pyracantha, which is also known as firethorn. As you can imagine, any burglar encountering this plant is going to wish they hadn’t.

OK, so there you go – some straightforward and not-too-expensive ways to secure and protect your home from burglars. Any more suggestions?

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