10 Second Sale: Selling Your House Quickly


Buying a house is often considered one of the most stressful life events any of us can go through. All that looking for the right property, researching different areas, securing a mortgage, completing all the paperwork, hoping nothing goes wrong, moving in and then decorating. It is a solid investment of money, time, effort and energy. However, what most people seem to forget is how stressful selling a house can be too. For some reason, this is one of the most stressful life events we can endure, and yet it is often left off the list.

But while selling your home can be a terrifying and overwhelming prospect, selling your home quickly offers up a whole other level of panic stations. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We are here to give you an extensive list of useful information that will help you sell your home in a flash, without compromising the sale price. Just read, take notes and enjoy.

Life is all about timing

There is no point rushing around like a headless chicken as you look for a hammer to knock a For Sale sign on the ground at the front of your home. It could end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for. That’s why researching the market is an important first step. This may seem like peculiar advice if you want to sell your home in a jiffy, but if you don’t time it right you could see your property gracing Rightmove for months and that will allow potential buyers to knock you down on price.

To prevent this from happening, put your house on the market when the demand is soaring. Why? Because it sees buyers act urgently and compete over price. We recommend you put your house on the market at traditionally active times when the market is active with customers. Autumn is good because people want to be in before Christmas, but the winner is Spring. That’s because buyers with families will want to coincide their move in date with the end of the academic year. What’s more, there will be more light pouring into your property, and your garden will be in bloom. These all help.

Bring in the professionals

You are not going to sell your house fast without employing an estate agent, and that’s because the sale of a home is a complicated process that requires market knowledge (at both a local and national level), dedication, time, marketing know-how and impressive negotiating skills. However, you will also have to spend some time talking to prospective agents to ensure you get the right one for you, which means taking your time to ask them questions about the experience and fees and success rate.

To help you out, you should consider asking them about their fees and commission. Whether they operate exclusively as sole agents or take on joint-agency contracts? What they value your home at, their experience and success with homes at this price and in this location? Where they intend to market your home and how long they will market your home for? And whether they will take charge of all aspects, including viewings? It is also ensuring they are associated with recognized bodies. All of these will allow you to paint a better picture of what you will be getting from each possible agency, and thus a better understanding of which agency will better suit your needs and expectations.

Valuing your home

Once you have narrowed your possible options down, it is worth getting each of these estate agents to come out and value your home individually. It is also important to note that any respectable estate agent will not charge you for a house valuation, so avoid those who have a fixed fee. Once received, don’t just jump in with the agent who offered the highest estimate; they may not get this price, and they may not sell it quickly. Using your research on the market, you want an estimated price that will appeal to potential buyers in the current market. As such, a great tip is to speak to specialists who buy up homes. Companies like Flying Homes buy houses quickly, so it may seeing what they would offer for your house and how much you would receive after their percentage. They typically guarantee sale in 7 days, which could be an attractive proposition to someone who is looking for efficiency over top price.

Preparing your home

As a quick rule of thumb, you will want to declutter and disassociate yourself as much as you can from your home when it comes to viewings. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in your home, which means clearing out personal possessions, putting away photographs, decluttering and creating as much space as possible. Rooms to concentrate on are the kitchen, bathroom, living room and master bedroom.

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