Upgrade Your Business By Following This Advice And Moving Into A New Office

New Office

There are many things that can make a business go from good to great. For me, one of the main things is your office. Often, I think something as simple as moving into a new office can upgrade your business! Bearing that in mind, here’s my advice to help you move into a cool new place:

Figure Out What You Want To Keep Or Chuck

The hardest part of moving offices is figuring out what you need to bring with you. No doubt there will be a load of things you spent money on over the years/months. But, do you need to take all of it with you? If you’re moving into a self-furnished office, then you have no need for desks and chairs, etc. Likewise, there may be things you bought a long time ago that aren’t worth bringing with you. For example, let’s say you’ve had the same printer for ages, and it’s outdated. You may as well buy a new one instead of bringing this one to your new office. My advice is to make a quick table with two columns, one saying ‘keep’ the other saying ‘chuck.’ Go around your office and put every item into one of these columns. Then, you’ll know what you need to bring with you, and what you don’t. Also, although I say ‘chuck’ this doesn’t mean you should just throw them away. There are plenty of things you might be able to sell on and get some money back.


Get The Legal Mumbo Jumbo Out Of The Way

Moving office is very similar to moving home. Whenever you go from one property to the next, there’s a lot of legal legwork. Normally, this is the worst part of the entire move. It seems to last forever and can make a move less than enjoyable. Personally, I think it makes sense to get these legal issues out of the way as quickly as possible. Get a solicitor to deal with everything behind the scenes, for more info click here. Once you have a solicitor, they can draw up contracts and ensure that the move passes all the legal checks. So, that’s one less thing to worry about when you’re moving into your swanky new office.


Move In Over The Weekend

If you’ve ever moved offices, then you’ll know it can take some time. Usually, it can take a whole day for everything to be moved into your new place and set up. Now, my advice is to ensure you complete your move over the weekend. This is because it means you have no wasted time during the working week. You don’t have to sacrifice a work day to move into your office. Do it over the weekend, and you can start the week in your new place, with no fuss at all. I also suggest you make sure your employees know where the new office is. Take them to see it after work before you move in. Ensure they can get to the new office, and you won’t have people calling in saying they’re lost on Monday.

Your office move will go smoothly if you follow this advice. Now, your business can start a new chapter in its fancy new headquarters.

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