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An extended vacation that has been planned for months is truly something to look forward to. Detailed travel itineraries are put into place and each city visited has been considered. As excited as you are for your trip, it’s also well worth considering the practicalities and issues that could occur. Missed flights, lost luggage and bad hotels are just the obvious problems that could arise.

Jet-lag strikes!

There’s something quite surreal about the feeling of jet-lag. You can often feel completely spaced out, and like you’re in a bizarre bubble as your brain tries to catch-up with the physicality of your body. The trip to beating jet-lag is basically trying to stay awake until you reach a reasonable and normal time for sleep. When you’re on your long-haul flight, change your wristwatch and phone time to match the time where you are landing. If it’s sunny when you land, take a walk outside, and if you can manage some light exercise, this will also help. Also, adjust your eating time patterns before you leave your home destination.

Missed flight

This can feel truly terrifying and can increase anxiety levels by double. Missing a flight can feel inconvenient, embarrassing and expensive. Remain super polite with the airline staff and wait patiently to see how they can help you; the worst thing you can do it get angry. If the replacement flight isn’t until the next day, it could be well worth seeking out a nice place to stay so you can rest your weary head. If you’re travelling from the UK, the Gatwick Guest House will give you a warm Irish welcome. If it’s the airline’s fault that you missed your train, again, remain polite but ask what they can offer you to help with the situation.

Lost luggage

There is always an impending feeling of doom present as you wait for your luggage to rear it’s head on the conveyor belt after a flight. Don’t assume the worst straight away, wait patiently and if you see no sign of your stuff, head to the airline information centre. They’ll be able to offer you advice and perhaps an emergency care package. The longer your luggage is missing for, the more compensation you’ll be entitled to. To safeguard yourself against this happening, always check the label put on your case has the correct destination on it. Also, take a photo of your case before you leave to potentially show the airline should a problem arise. Try and decorate your luggage with brightly coloured accessories to distinguish it from the rest.

An awful hotel

What looked amazing online can often look terrible in real life. Do try to give the hotel a good go before you give up on it completely. If you really can’t stand to stay there then put a case forward to the hotel owner in a calm manner. Don’t be rude, just explain this isn’t what you were expecting and ask whether they will place you somewhere else. If this doesn’t work, take photos where you see a problem and write letters of complaint when you get home. If you pay by credit card, these payments can always be stopped.

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