Rebuilding Confidence In Children After The Pandemic

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The past two years have been turbulent for us all. However, the impacts of the pandemic have been even greater for young children, who have seen their whole lives turned upside down. While the situation looks far brighter than it did 12-15 months ago, the fallout is still taking a toll on kids. Not least when it comes to their confidence.

As a loving parent, helping your son or daughter rediscover their confidence is one of the greatest things you can do at this stage. Here are four ways to make it happen in style.

Support Them Academically

Over the past two years, many students have had to endure long periods of homeschooling, and video learning. Even their classroom interactions have often been very restricted. Consequently, then, many children have fallen below the levels that would have been predicted back in 2019. But it’s not too late for them to recover from the setbacks.

Taking your child to a private tuition centre can provide the extra help they need. Whether it’s preparing for their 11+, GCSEs, or working on their general development doesn’t matter. Feeling more confident with their studies can restore a sense of self-assurance. In turn, this can quickly spread to other aspects of their life.

Moreover, the results build a platform for many years of success.

Get Them Outside

Aside from school, millions of kids have been locked inside for months. They have missed out on a wide range of activities, which has seen the threat of couch potato kids become an even bigger issue. Moreover, a growing number of children have shown signs of anxiety and psychological issues. Encouraging more time outside can establish a sense of normality.

The first steps can be as simple as gardening. You can do this in your home’s backyard or an allotment. Alternatively, you can take bike rides or find a new hobby like photography. Once they are comfortable in open spaces that are sparsely populated, you can move to more crowded spaces. As long as you continue to take the right precautions.

It will deliver a plethora of physical and mental rewards.

Encourage Social Development

The most common struggles experienced by children in recent times have related to social development. The lack of time around other children, particularly in non-school settings has had a detrimental impact. And it probably doesn’t help that many kids haven’t spent time around older kids or adults either. Now is the time to focus on social interactions.

There are many ways to promote this idea. Signing your child up for dance lessons or a sporting activity can be very beneficial. Meanwhile, simply taking your child back to play centres and other settings where they will make new friends can be useful. It helps grow communication skills, leadership, and emotional understanding.

Being more confident around others can only encourage self-confidence too.

Appreciate The Journey

Last but not least, supportive parents should show patience. Some kids will take longer than others to find their way back to their pre-pandemic confidence, and that’s fine. As long as your family is moving in the right direction, you have nothing to fear. You’ve got this!

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