My Adventures in Potty Training

Potty Training

Potty training twins can be hard work.

Last Saturday I started potty training twin boys and after an hour was already exhausted. Getting them on the potty is easy enough but trying to keep them there is an entirely different story. The youngest of the two will happily sit until he sees his twin getting up to play and follows suit. So rather than trying both together I decided to try one first followed by the other and had even less success as they just see the other playing and get up straight away.

Day 2 started off a little more successful, one twin has actually done a wee in the potty (well half in potty, half on floor – not sure if he was sitting properly or just surprised as to what was happening). He was rewarded with a star to put in their Reward Box and a sweet, hopefully his brother will see what happens and follow suit 😀

So Day 2 has been fairly successful with both boys using the potty and quite proud of themselves when they do but still hit and miss with probably a 50% success rate but at least both know they have to use the potty, they just don’t seem to get there in time.

So after the first week of potty training one will use the potty for a wee quite happily (and without being asked if he needs to go) and gets so excited when he gets it in the potty (although he still manages to get some on the floor, but I think this is either because he is not sitting on it quite right or the raised splash guard at the front is not quite high enough, or maybe a mixture of both). The other twin still doesn’t realise when he needs to go and just pees on the floor (just as well its laminate flooring so easily mops up). Now they fight over who is going to empty the potty into the toilet and flush it away!

As I said earlier, if they use the potty successfully they are rewarded with a small sweet and a reward star, this is working well for twin 1 but twin 2 has now decided that every time twin 1 uses the potty he should also get a sweet! So I am now looking at other options and came across Smart Rewards Potty that will dispense reward stickers which I am considering, just not sure if it is worth the expense at the minute.

So now off to continue with potty training, especially with twin 2 this weekend. Wish me luck.

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