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Today I decided that I needed to sort out my book collection, tidying them up a bit and sorting by author etc. What a mistake that was. I still have a full bookcase and now twice as many books on the floor as on the bookcase. I love my books and am loathing to get rid of any so have made the decision to keep all the hardbacks and give away the paperbacks, except the 10 or so signed copies I own.

All’s good I thought, but them realised I don’t own that many paperbacks as I prefer to buy hardbacks when ordering new books ­čÖü And before anyone suggests getting an eBook reader, I am now on to my second Kindle and that is nearly full. I love my Kindle as it’s great when out and about travelling but I do prefer an actual book.

So off to the internet I went to look at buying another bookcase which then brings it’s own problems, where do I put it and will one be enough??? Arrgghhhh!!! Who would have thought reading and a love of books could cause so many problems!

So as it stands, I still haven’t ordered a bookcase and still have a book or several all over the place. Oh well, just as well I love reading.

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