More Than Moose And Maples, What You Need To Know About Canada


When travelling to Canada, you might have some idea of what you’re going to see. Snow, moose, hockey, etc. etc. But beyond the stereotypes and the excellent tourism draw likes Blue Mountain and cities like Montreal, there are a few things you really need to know if you want your trip to Canada to go smoothly.

It’s huge

The vast, wild terrain of Canada is one of the reasons you might want to go. It’s absolutely stuffed with fantastic hiking trails and ski slopes for those who want an active holiday. But if you’re not sticking to the cities or the mostly civilized territories just north of the border, then you can’t go it alone. Having someone who knows the area is best, but if you can’t get one, then plan every stop on your route and build a thorough knowledge of what’s near the areas you’re visiting. Otherwise, getting lost is a real possibility.

It’s wild

It’s not wild in terms of terrain, either. The weather can defy belief for those who underestimate it. Cold might be the stereotype, but the reality is more serious than that. There are different climates for different areas, of course, as shows. If you want a trip that’s milder, then stick to the Spring and Summer months and places like Vancouver. If you want to see Canada at its snowiest, then Edmonton might be for you. Just make sure you check regularly what roads are open during the winter and pack sensibly for the cold weather.

They take their borders seriously

Canada isn’t a country that just anyone can jump in with little preparation. You need to visit sites like and make sure that you’re actually eligible first. Some people might have more trouble visiting, as well. For instance, if you have a criminal record, you may have to go to more effort to prove you’re safe to enter. No matter where you are, you should always keep your passport and travel documents with you as well. If you’re stopped and you fail to show them, it could mean a trip back to the airport for you.

Your phone can be a hassle

We’re all connected at the hips to them now, but your smartphone might give your more grief than good news when you’re in Canada. For one, cell phone towers are sparse, as will tell you. You might want to get a dongle if you need to stay connected as often as possible. Otherwise, if you want to make a call, then learn where the nearest tower is. Travelling cell phone costs in Canada are huge, too. Make sure you get a pre-paid sim so your entire travel budget isn’t being spent on staying connected and making the occasional phone call.

So long as you’re smart about how you travel and you prepare well enough, there’s a lot to love about Canada. It’s a gorgeous and friendly country, but it has its own rules and its own way of life. Come into it without realising that and you might some trouble.

Image source: Pixabay
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