Make Your Home Easier to Manage

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No one wants to spend more time than they really have to on chores and other home management jobs. We want to be able to relax in a clean, safe and attractive home without having to spend hours on end working to get it like that.

Well, the good news is, there are lots of things we can do to make our homes easier to manage right now, including the following:

Switch to wooden floors

If you have carpets, then tasking them up and replacing them with bespoke wood flooring by Eden Clay, for example, tiles, or even laminate flooring if you are on a budget, will save you bags of time. Why? Because hardwood flooring, tiles and so on, are far easier to keep clean by simply mopping occasionally, than carpet which needs to be hoovered and washed regularly to keep them looking pristine. It really is that simple.

This principle may also translate to other materials as discussed above, such as tiles laid in your bathroom that are easy to clean and repair. You can visit the porcelain superstore to see what your options may be and to get creative ideas from a worthwhile source.

Use washable wallpaper

When you are decorating with wallpaper, be sure to use washable wallpaper in as many rooms as you can. It looks just as good as any other kind of paint, except it is really easy to wash it if it gets dirty or the kids draw on it or whatever, without damaging your décor. You’ll save so much time by hanging it that you should make this a top priority next time you need to revamp your space.

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Invest in a metal roof

This is one thing you will maybe need to hold off on until it actually needs to be replaced but swapping a slate roof out for a metal one will save you loads of time and money because it so much hardier and easier to maintain. In fact, metal roofs tend to not need very much maintenance at all and are great at withstanding wind, rain and snow, which means they will last decades longer.

Curtains not blinds

When it comes to window treatments that will help you maintain your privacy at home, ditch the blinds and go for curtains instead. Why? Because metal and wooden blinds attract dust like nothing else and it can be fiddly to keep them clean, curtains are less likely to attract dust, and if they do, you can simply pop them in the wash, making them the low-effort choice you need.


Of course, if you get rid of all the excess clutter that is taking up space in your home, it will automatically become lower maintenance simply because you will have fewer things to clean dust and put away, which is why getting rid of the things you no longer really need or really want is probably the best thing you can do to make your home more manageable.

As you can see, making your home easier to manage will require some time, effort and money upfront but once you have made some of the changes above, you will notice how much more free time you have when your house does not take as much effort to keep it nice.

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