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Whether you’re in the market for splashing out on luxury cars or not, it certainly can’t hurt see to see what’s out there. If you’re a Porsche kind of person or if you prefer a Mercedes, there are some great models on the market at the moment, all of which are guaranteed to turn heads.

In our guide we take a look at some familiar names and see what they have to offer in our review of three luxury models:


Presenting the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. Quite a mouthful, but then it is quite  a car. A crossover between an SUV and luxurious saloon the Vision has looks to die for. Aside from this effortless merging of styles, the Vision is also fully electric so your green credentials are going to be taken up a notch too.

Powerful, sleek and combining the best of sportiness and luxury, this car is as breathtaking on the inside as it is on the out. Such styling comes at a cost, so be prepared to dig deep.

Aston Martin

If it’s good enough for James Bond, then it’s good enough for us. Check out the new Vantage, being promoted as a natural hunter, sleek and strong. With its impressive turbo charged V8 you’ll hear the Vantage coming even before you see it.

The interior is simpler in design than the Mercedes but similar in quality.  A car that handles this well deserves taking care of so shop around for Aston Martin service prices when you factor in your costs and overall budget for this throaty predator.


The king of the urban jungle, the Jaguar XJ is a car like no other. It’s long and luxurious and caters for the passenger with its ample leg room, almost as much as it does the driver.

With a dynamic touchscreen entertainment system and intuitive handling, even in narrow and congested roads, the Jaguar is a solid, reliable and stylish option for the urban driver. Choose from long or short wheelbase and style your car from the ground up, creating a driving machine that is uniquely yours.

You might say you’re not looking to trade up for one of these impressive models but you have to admit, they’re hard to resist. From sleek styling, fully electric options and handling built for the great outdoors or city life, these luxury drives have got your name written all over them.

If you are considering a new car, then make sure to do your research first. Look for vehicles that match your day to day driving experience and your expectations when it comes to budget and those little extras. Is a sunroof a must-have and what are you looking for when it come to your onboard entertainment and information system?

When you work hard, there’s no harm in playing hard too. Picture yourself behind the wheel of one of these beauties and make that trip down to your nearest dealership today. A test drive can’t hurt surely?

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