Keeping Your Kids Safe: When To Really Worry

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Worrying, it’s a default mode for any parent isn’t it! But there are times to really worry and times to let it go and allow them the freedom to have a fulfilling and happy childhood. But when there are things to worry about what should we do about it, if you are reading this then it’s probably true that you are the type of parent that gives thought and concern to such matters as we all want the best for our kids so here are some humble thoughts about how to deal with the worrying aspects of modern parenting.


Online safety for kids is one of the most talked about matters in parenting in recent years as when we were young there was no internet as it is today! Smart phones, tablet PCs etc were just not a thing so we really need to clue ourselves up about what all this means for a young person. This really falls into two categories, how they should behave online which requires teaching them about how to interact online and secondly protecting them from seeing inappropriate content for their own protection and this means setting up restrictions on their devices and also parental controls on the WiFi.

When Out & About

When you are out and about with the kids it’s so easy to lose track and cause yourself worry, we’ve all been there when you turn your back for a quick second and then they’ve disappeared! It may sound like an over the top idea but why not get a tracker for your kids and yes, the vast majority of times they disappear for a few minutes it’s absolutely fine but why take the chance and it always gives you the added advantage of being able to pretend you’re the hide and seek master!

In The Car

In modern life as a family it would be almost impossible to juggle work, school family trips etc without having a family car, but how much thought do we really give to how safe our car is? It’s important to regularly have the family vehicle serviced and repaired to ensure that we are not letting it get out of date and always use child seats for smaller children. If you are concerned that the car is getting too old and not fit for purpose then it’s always simple to get a new car with the variety personal leasing options available these days.

At School

We all send our kids to school and you’re placing trust that they will be safe, well looked after and happy but even with the best schools there can be causes for concern, squabbles with classmates and bullying can be a real issue. It’s important to always talk to your child and ask them about their day and this will mean that they will have an avenue of conversation to let you know of any concerns and you can see if there is a difference if things are wrong and set a course of action to help, most schools will happily meet you to discuss any issues and set a plan to address them.

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