How To Up Your Time Management Skills As A Freelancer


Freelancing is becoming more popular as people find solutions to unemployment and toxic work environments. This type of work comes with numerous benefits, from the flexibility in working hours to direct control of your finances. However, the issue of time management is a problem many people face; due to the flexibility, many freelancers find themselves doing too much or too little. While many freelancers are happy with their work, 85% have reported being stressed, according to research. Managing your time well could help reduce these problems, and here are some tips to consider.

Find ways to work smarter and not harder

Given the rise in technology, smart work has become easier to achieve. This is because many tools allow you to automate mundane tasks and get things done faster. This improves your productivity while requiring less input from you. You may have to invest some funds in some cases, but fortunately, many of these tools are free. For example, you can use Google Calendar to schedule your tasks, meetings, and other activities. If you use Excel a lot, you may need resources like STL Learning to know about shortcuts to make your work easier. These will help you save time but still get more done, so keep this in mind.

Take breaks

The notion that working all the time indicates your productivity is wrong and quite toxic. That is because you are likely to burn out, which might take a toll on your health and work in the worst way possible. Therefore, add breaks to your schedule to help you refresh yourself. Rest is also productive, and it is why the traditional 9-5 work setting includes it in the work schedule. You will be doing yourself a favour by taking it seriously.

Set daily goals

Setting a target for yourself as a freelancer is an excellent way to motivate yourself. It is even more productive to reduce these goals down into actionable parts for the best results. For example, if your goal for the month is to complete two major projects, it will be helpful to set daily goals to complete. Start by breaking down the details of the project, from most to least important. Which parts will you need help with? How much time will each task take? Some experts recommend starting with the most challenging ones and working your way down. You can go the extra mile by rewarding yourself after completing a task so that you are motivated to stay consistent.

Give yourself working hours or a schedule

Many freelancers do what they love and so may end up overworking themselves out of passion and dedication. However, having working hours and a schedule will help you prioritise your tasks, making you more productive. It also helps you to stay organised and focused in achieving your goals. Additionally, it allows you to live a balanced life since you will still have time for other things apart from work.

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