Hobbies That Will Encourage You to Spend More Time in Nature

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While there are many great hobbies you can do indoors, it can be a good idea to learn a new hobby that will encourage you to spend more time in nature.

Many individuals will spend most of their time indoors. Mainly due to working at home or in an office, then using their free time to relax and watch television. With this kind of routine, you are missing out on the benefits that nature can provide you with. Spending more time in nature can do wonders for your mental health. It has been shown to boost your mood and experiences of positive emotions, help you concentrate better, clear mental fog, and ease mental health problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. If you feel like this is something you need, then perhaps spending more time in nature is the right solution for you.

Some people find it difficult to spend time outside because they don’t know what to do. A walk or sitting in the park seems boring. This is where a hobby that you can do outside is a great way to encourage you to spend more time in nature, in a way that you find fun and interesting, and on your own terms.

If you’re not sure where or how to get started, here are some hobby ideas to suit all budgets, that can help spark inspiration.

#1 Photography

Photography is a great way to spend time in nature. Not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you can also capture it in a photo and share it with other people. You can choose from a variety of different photography specialities, such as macro photography, wildlife photography, street photography or landscape photography. Alternatively, you can just take your camera outside and take photos of anything you like. It encourages you to seek out new places, and look for subjects that you find worthy of a photo.

To get started with photography, you will need to invest in some basic gear. This includes a DSLR camera, lenses, a tripod and memory cards. You may wish to learn more about drones, which are more technical, but are great fun and provide beautiful photos and videos. You will also need to invest in photo editing software, such as PhotoShop. You can search YouTube for plenty of tutorials, so you can learn the basic skills.

Before you get started with photography, you can adjust the settings on your mobile phone and practice first. This will give you an idea of the hobby, and make sure you are interested before investing.

#2 Gardening

Gardening is a great hobby to start, as you can do it in the comfort of your backyard. If you don’t have the space, then you can always invest in an allotment in your local area, which will only be a short distance from your home. You can get involved in many different types of gardening, such as growing your own vegetables. Gardening is a great way to focus on a project, be active, and spend more time outside.

To get started with gardening, all you will need is an outdoor space, gardening tools (such as a hand trowel, hand ford, gloves, spade, etc.) and plant cuttings or seeds. You can experiment with different plants and vegetables and learn with trial and error, or you can research different gardening methods online to help you get started.

#3 Watersports

Watersports are a fun and thrilling way to spend time outdoors. If you want something that pumps your adrenaline a little more, then perhaps you can take up paddle boarding, wild swimming, kayaking, canoeing or windsurfing. There are a plethora of different water sports activities that you can choose from, and you may even wish to experiment with them before deciding which one.

For each activity, you will need basic equipment and skills to get started. Most lakes or open water centres provide you with the opportunity to take lessons and hire equipment. This is a great way to try different activities, and learn the basics before you invest in your own equipment.

#4 Cycling

Cycling is a great form of exercise, as well as an enjoyable hobby to take up. Cycling can feel free, and be a great way to relieve stress. You can opt for mountain biking, and explore off-road trails in the woods, you can race on the roads, or learn some tricks with a BMX bike instead.

To get started with cycling, all you need is the appropriate bike for your chosen activity, a helmet and any other protective equipment you wish to invest in.

Spend more time outside by choosing an exciting hobby.

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