Gift Ideas For Dad This Christmas

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Christmas is getting closer and closer and time to put off buying presents is evading you by the day. Knowing what to get everybody year on year can be difficult, especially if they are hard to please or seemingly have everything they want anyway. If you are struggling for some inspiration as to what to get the father of the family for Christmas this year then read on for some great Christmas gift ideas.

Smart Mug

It seems like just about everything is going ‘smart’ these days so why should the trusty mug be any different? Yes, you can now purchase a smart mug that is designed to keep your hot drink at perfect drinking temperature for up to 80 minutes (model depending). These are perfect for busy dads whether they are working from home, in the office or out and about – travel mugs are also available. These mugs are chargeable and can be controlled from your smartphone, the perfect gift for a tech-loving dad.

Streaming Subscription Service

There are so many online streaming services available from Netflix to Sky Sports but it goes beyond the mainstream services. If your father figure has an interest that is a little more left-field or one that is not readily available on prime time with a little research you are bound to find an online subscription streaming service for them. Perhaps they will love access to Baseball Streaming? Or following New Zealand All Blacks, whatever it is access to it is possible with OTT streaming. Do your research and sign them up for a subscription service they will love you for.

Sports Nutrition Bundle

Perhaps their love of sports goes beyond watching it and they are avid gym-goers or sportsmen themselves. Sports nutrition is a great gift for those who are into their fitness and fitness performance with a large variety of high-quality bundles online to choose from. Bundles usually include pre-workout supplements, protein powders, BCAA and creatine supplements all designed to help improve athletic performance and results.

Beer Making Kit

A great gift for beer lovers who think they have what it takes to brew the perfect pint. If your dad wants to give homebrewing a whirl then these kits come complete with all the accessories and ingredients you need to brew a beer. See if they have what it takes to rival their local.

Charging Stations and Portable Charger

Just about everything needs charging nowadays. Your smartphone, tablet, watch, your new smart mug and when you are stuck without charge or fighting over a charger it is one of life’s real first world problems. To avoid dad being stuck at the bottom of the charging queue and moaning about it give him the gift of power this Christmas. Portable chargers are great when you are stuck without access to a power socket and charging stations are the perfect solution for charging multiple devices at once. Charging stations come complete with docks to charge your tablet, phone, watch, headphones, you name it there is a way in which you can charge it.

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