OCLEAN Announces Black Friday Offers


Save Upto 80% On Oclean’s Oral Health Ranges

Oclean is a rapidly growing company in the Oral care market. Oclean, is devoted to improving oral health through technology and innovation and advocating and promoting the concept of smart oral care. During its Black Friday sale from Thursday 25th November to Monday 29th November 2021, Oclean is hugely discounting its latest oral health ranges. This is the perfect opportunity for treating yourself to that new Smart toothbrush or water flosser or even buying one as a Christmas present for that special person.

Everyday throughout the Black Friday promotion, Oclean will be running its Flash Sale with discounts of up to 80% on a limited number of products.

FREE Gifts!

With every purchase of an Oclean product, no promotion code necessary, Oclean will be adding a free dental floss and the first 100 orders each day will also get 2 x P4 brush heads FREE.

  • Orders over £74.09* will receive a free 1*Oclean Tote Bag
  • Orders over £126.47* will receive a free 1*Oclean S1 Toothbrush Sterilizer
  • Orders over £186.34* will receive a FREE 1*Oclean One Electric Toothbrush
  • Orders over £298.54* will qualify for a FREE Oclean W1 Water Flosser

The Oclean F1 will be vastly discounted to £7.48* from £37.41* for example. For full details on deals on each product,  please visit the Oclean Black Friday website: Black Friday | Deal of the Year – Oclean Official

The popular Oclean X Pro Smart Sonic Toothbrush is discounted by 50% to £44.15* and comes with a Free holder and 2 x P4 brush heads.

  • The Intuitive colour touchscreen shows all the information you need for a celebrity-level cleaning. Track progress, adjust for sensitivity, never miss a spot.
  • Intelligent AI frequency reduction automatically reduces frequency when over-brushing is detected. No more damage, bleeding, or discomfort from brushing!
  • A mini, built-in 6-axis gyroscope detects brushing motion and generates instant reports on your brushing technique.
  • Mounts magnetically to the wall or mirror to save space when not charging. The brush holds full 30 days of battery life on a single charge.
  • 3D designed, multifaceted bristles with DuPont filaments specially made to deliver an optimum level of cleanliness. Gentle curves improve comfort and prevent tooth damage.

The OCLEAN W10 Water Flosser will be discounted from £52.38* to £44.15* for the Black Friday period.

The OCLEAN’s W10 Water Flosser is the bigger, more effective brother of the everyday floss, and it’s the perfect way to prevent nasty oral issues and improve your general oral health, making sure that your smile is always on point.

Producing a powerful pulse frequency of 1,400 times per minute, the W10 comes with 4 unique nozzles each designed to suit different purposes. The regular nozzle is perfect for those who are looking for a way to effectively clean the bacterial film that forms within the gaps and surfaces of teeth, whilst the tongue nozzle is great for keeping your tongue healthy and your breath fresh. The remaining two nozzles are absolutely essential for those who have braces fitted or suffer from Periodontal disease; they provide users with controlled and sensitive bursts of water that can be directed into even the trickiest to reach spots.

For all offers please visit: Black Friday | Deal of the Year – Oclean Official

OCLEAN – Go the extra smile!

OCLEAN was founded to provide people with thoughtful technology that helps them get the most out of their smile. Winners of the Asia Design Prize (2021), Red Dot and iF Design Awards (2021 and 2018),Good Design Award(2019) and IF Design Award (2021 and 2020), OCLEAN are an internationally awarded design company that employ innovative technology to forward oral health and improve people’s confidence and smile. With six electric toothbrushes and a range of oral hygiene products ranging from irrigators to dental accessories, OCLEAN is one of the world’s leading experts in the oral health industry and their innovative approach continues to garner universal acclaim.

*Prices may fluctuate due to conversion rate

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