Future-Proofing A Gaming PC For Years Of Enjoyment

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If you’re into video games, there’s no question that playing on a PC is the superior platform. More sales, more indie games among AAA titles, the ability to emulate older games and source items that maybe aren’t selling anymore, and the graphical power and performance you can experience is quite unlike anything else. It might be that after a life on consoles, you hope to build your own gaming computer and truly see the beauty in switching to this platform. Not only do you gain a competent gaming platform, but also a personal computer, the ease of use in contacting and playing with friends, and multiple streaming services to try out.

Future proofing a gaming PC for years of enjoyment can be more than worthwhile. We’d recommend visiting Logical Increments to see what tier list of computer you could afford, but alas, that website isn’t fully comprehensive on why you might choose certain implements. If you truly hope to future-proof, you should consider the following:

The New RTX Line Of Graphics Cards

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Cards, namely the 2070 and 2080, are the new frontline in the best processing graphical power you can buy. Not only do they offer ray-tracing, a revolutionary new reflective rendering output currently usable in Battlefield V, but they offer unparalleled power, and are sure to be the frontline figureheads of the market for some time. The GPU is one of the first steps you should consider when purchasing a PC, but be sure you also have a Z3-series motherboard to host the latest in Coffee Lake Intel CPU architecture to ensure you’re not bottlenecked from the power you can achieve. With all of that graphical power, you might consider:

4K Availability

The future is 4K. It could be that purchasing a monitor with this resolution can help you view video games like never before. If you’ve been in the 1080p bubble thus far, this can truly prove to be an absolutely wonderful upgrade, and will quite frankly blow your mind. Sure, 8K screens are on the horizon, but for the foreseeable future 4K is getting more and more appropriate by the day. Set the new standard, and see just how incredible resolution can be.

Water Cooling

All that processing power can take some serious heat, especially when in the heat of an expertly rendered video game. In order to best take charge of this output your machine is giving off, you might decide to follow this guide to water cooling. Water cooling is simply a method of attaching tubes filled with cycling liquid in your machine, as they provide the most competent cooling through and through. While air cooling still remains a more than viable choice, sometimes developing your best, most future-proofed rig requires an ice-cold perspective, especially if you hope to turn into an absolute monster and run two graphics cards in SLI mode for twice the power.

With these tips, future proofing a gaming PC could be the ultimate Christmas gift to yourself. Hey, socks are so last year.

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