Drift Hunters: A Full Game, Right In Your Browser

Drift Hunters

Those of us who enjoy video games have near-endless options these days. There’s something for everybody with handheld, PC, smartphone, console, and even cloud gaming.

Sometimes though, it can all be a little complicated. For example, you might have to wait for your device or game to update with a massive download of files, and by the time that’s done, your gaming window has closed.

Or, maybe you’re interested in the latest car game but can’t justify forking out the cost of a full-priced title. I’ve enjoyed visiting the car games category at Drifted.com to fulfil my needs in those moments.

They have a ton of curated browser games, but one, in particular, has held my attention: Drift Hunters.

Here are some of the things that make Drift Hunters so awesome.

Huge Selection Of Cars

Right out the gate, you can tell Drift Hunters will be exceptional by looking at the cars available in the game. If you’re a fan of cars, you’ll undoubtedly recognize these lovingly crafted models.

Almost 30 different rides are available, and among them are iconic cars like the BMW M3, Nissan GTR, and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

These cars are also upgradeable, taking their already high performance and unleashing their full potential after they’ve maximized to their full tuning potential.

Each car can also be customized with an array of paint colours and textures. So, even if you have a friend playing the game with the same vehicle, they won’t necessarily have the same paint job as you. The ability to make every car unique is a huge plus.

Ten Awesome Tracks

Drift Hunters gives you ten different playgrounds to tear up for your arsenal of vehicles. You can start slow with the introductory track, Nishuri, which serves as a kind of beginner’s level, letting you get used to the Drift Hunter’s mechanics and the speed of your car.

After you have a handle on things, you can experience the more open tracks, like Docks, a loading dock full of shipping crates, and equipment for you to drift around and earn points.

Touge, a mountainous, multi-layered track, is also an excellent place for intermediate to advanced drifters to flex their skills.

Completely Free

The most significant benefit of Drift Hunters is that there is almost no barrier to entry. The game is entirely free, for one. Like all of the other games on Drifted.com, Drift Hunters is available for your drifting pleasure. No need to spend any cash. Also, it doesn’t require any local resources on your PC.

There’s no huge download – it runs in a unity player right in your browser. These features combine to make a game that is freely open to everyone and has great gameplay to boot.

If this convinced you to check out Drift Hunters, we highly recommend checking out the latest upgraded version – Drift Hunters MAX. The brand-new game in the series takes everything that makes Drift Hunters great and amps it up a few notches.

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