Create A Wildlife-Friendly Garden With These Useful Tips

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Did you know that the UK’s wildlife is in decline? Sadly, this is true and, as a result, some of the usual birds and insects that you might expect to see in your garden could disappear for good. If that were to happen, the quality of your garden would no doubt decline as there would be nothing pollinating the plants and flowers.

In order to try to improve things for wildlife, many people are now trying to create gardens that are welcoming to all kinds of common garden species. Here are some really great tips that can help you create a wildlife-friendly garden.

Add Some Bird Boxes

One way to encourage as many birds as possible to make your garden their home is to add some bird boxes. You will be able to attach them to the side of your house, onto trees, and onto any sheds and outbuildings that you may have in your garden. These will create spaces that birds can turn into their homes. They’ll build nests in the bird houses and will eventually lay their eggs in them.

Don’t Tidy The Garden Too Much

Did you know that pristine and well-manicured gardens are actually bad for wildlife? That’s because the things that you might be tempted to tidy away, such as dead plants and fallen leaves, are actually super beneficial to many species. Insects will hibernate in them through the winter, and animals like hedgehogs will also make these untidy areas their homes as well.

Put A Pond In

It’s really important to try and encourage as many species into your garden as possible so that your outdoor areas become diverse. The more diverse they are, then the healthier the garden will be. So, you should consider adding a pond so that you can get the likes of frogs, newts, and fish into your garden. These are very easy to build once you’ve got all the materials from your nearest homeware store. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will show you what to do.

Plant Some Wild Flowers

When you are deciding which flowers and plants to add to your outdoor space, it’s worth going with some wild flowers. These will be native to the UK and they will flower just as all the birds and insects need their pollen the most. They will support your wildlife a lot more than other flowers that might have been imported from other countries.

Grow A Hedge

If you don’t already have a hedge in your garden, you might want to think about growing one. The hedge will give birds and other animals a place to shelter from the elements. You might even find that some birds make their nests in between all the leaves. Plus, the berries that usually grow on hedges will provide birds and small mammals with plenty of food.

There are plenty of ways to encourage more wildlife into your garden, but hopefully these great tips will help you get off to a good start.

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