Bouncy Castle for a Fun Time

Bouncy Castle
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

This is personally my favourite fun day for kids, I would love the whole world to be made onto a bouncy castle, I am that obsessed and crazy about it, I arranged one for a wedding once and it went down well actually, there weren’t even any kids at the wedding, so the wedding adults were falling all over the place in the castle. That proves that bouncy castles are the best for a day of celebration, here are more reasons why I think I can prove bouncy castles should not be ignored.

Diverse in Sizes

When I researched this I found an amazing range of bouncy castles to hire, if you measure out an area in feet, you will have a good estimate of the size of the bouncy castle you would like as most castles are measured in feet. You can also get low-height bouncy castles that can help if it’s under a low-area roof or inside a hall.


Now I know safety is the main priority but what isn’t safe about bouncing in a balloon, I think the collisions could be the issue, with humans being ping-ponged off the walls in mostly uncontrollable directions, at least you can rely on their being a soft bounce to recover.

Types of Castle

What types of castles are there? Well, I discovered there are more than you think, you can get ones that are obstacle courses, quad bike courses, and even slides of all shapes and sizes. The Disco castle is lots of fun, trying to dance while bouncing is a challenge and for the spectators, it’s a big laugh watching everyone having a great time.


Hiring a bouncy castle can just be a base for a larger area of castles to add on, in a bigger picture this could be an assault course for everyone to compete to cross or just a multiple-game compilation of bouncy fun. For any competitors that are even at the end of the bouncy Olympics then you can hire a joust battle add-on too, which will give the sudden death aspect of the finale a great conclusion to a bounce day extravaganza.


You will work up a sweat while on a bouncy castle naturally, but other bouncy objects are a bit more of a fun workout-type operation like playing basketball on a bouncy castle or trying bouncy darts and of course a football-type bouncy pitch to play on. There is the classic bungee fun run, where you have to try to run attached to a bungee as far as you can reach before the bungee pulls you back.


So why not try to get yourself a bouncy castle, because everyone needs to enjoy it, I do sound pushy with this but I feel strongly that you can have the best fun from a day of bouncy fun times. And I recommend that any occasion can be more fun and exciting with all the varieties of bounce that can be so much fun exploring. Have fun!

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