6 Benefits of Using Skirting Board Styles in Your Home


Are your walls decorated with skirting boards? If not, it might be a good time to consider investing in ornate baseboards for the purpose of making your home more functional and enchanting. These elements hide ugly wiring, protect walls from everyday wear and tear, and cover each tiny gap between your walls and flooring.

The greatest thing about skirting is spending little time on installation and maintenance, using nothing but soap and warm water to clean the surface. Baseboards can blend in with every type of interior design due to the large selection of styles, sizes, and colours.

Learn more about the benefits of using baseboards.

Prevention of wall damage

One of the numerous advantages of installing skirting boards in your home is being able to protect the lower section of walls. The base of walls is under constant exposure to various forms of damage, particularly when vacuuming or mopping. The heads of vacuum cleaners and mops tend to scrape the surface, as individuals knock them against walls multiple times while cleaning the house.

Additionally, using a wet mop to clean the flooring leads to greater damage since mops leave wet patches on the surface. Installing baseboards protects the walls from getting wet, preventing moisture from deteriorating their texture. For this purpose, many homeowners decide to have MDF skirting installed, as these are popular for their moisture-resistance properties.

Moreover, skirting boards provide wall protection against foot traffic, pushchairs, and toys that children keep bumping into the surface. The taller baseboards are, the better the protection. Anyhow, not all homes look appealing with high skirting, especially those with low ceilings. If your rooms have high ceilings, you might consider installing high baseboards to prevent more damage. Follow this link, https://www.handyman.net.au/how-install-skirting, to learn some practical tips about installing skirting.

Gap coverage

Homeowners are often bothered by the gaps between their walls and flooring, usually caused by bad floor installation. These aren’t only unattractive but lead to various types of household damage such as dampness and pests. Nevertheless, these gaps aren’t always a result of badly installed floors, as contractors tend to leave such tiny holes in case the flooring expands or shrinks over time.

Nevertheless, baseboards not only make these gaps invisible but also impede water from finding its way into the holes and affecting the plasterboard. Additionally, by having the gaps covered, you’ll no longer have to feel threatened by the presence of pests, using the tiniest of holes to intrude in your property. You’ll also spend less time cleaning these spaces, prone to collecting plenty of dirt and dust.

No ugly wiring

Although cables and wires are an indispensable aspect of every household, no homeowner wants them to be visible. Wiring isn’t exactly beneficial for home décor, which is why individuals strive to find the perfect coverage that’s both functional and nice-looking. Hence, the greatest number of homeowners choose skirting boards as the best solution for covering ugly wiring.

Besides making wires and cables invisible, baseboards prevent moisture from damaging their condition. Make sure you look for MDF models when buying skirting board since MDF provides excellent protection against moisture. Wiring is particularly susceptible to moisture but baseboards allow no water to come in contact with the sensitive nature of cables. Also, homeowners will be less likely to trip from the cables lying on the floor and get injured.

Improvement of home décor

The functionality of skirting boards isn’t the only benefit of having them installed in your home. These boards do wonders for interior décor, making households look more elegant. The variety of baseboard styles available to homeowners enables them to find the perfect fit for their décor. There’s a vast range of vintage and contemporary models suitable for minimalistic and historic homes.

Furthermore, skirting boards range from plain to highly decorative, depending on the style homeowners look for. Due to the extensive choice of materials, individuals can easily match baseboards to their flooring design and furniture. Also, these boards can be painted in any colour you find attractive in order to blend in with the rest of the elements or achieve a contrasting effect.

Excellent durability

Another advantage of deciding to use skirting boards is their incredible longevity. Both MDF and wooden baseboards are considered highly durable and non-demanding when it comes to maintenance. For instance, MDF models are especially convenient for homeowners coping with dampness, as these impede water from damaging the material. Consequently, MDF skirting is probably the wisest solution for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is no stranger.

In addition, hardwood skirting is popular for its long lifespan but higher in price than other materials. It’s perfectly resistant to knocks and scuff marks, which makes it suitable for household areas like the living and dining room. Homeowners willing to spend a bit more on skirting are recommended to invest in hardwood baseboards.

Easy installation and maintenance

Many homeowners invest in decorative skirting due to the ease of installation and maintenance. One doesn’t need to be a professional in order to install baseboards since the installation process is quite straightforward. You need to cut the boards, determine the right angle, and attach them with the help of a drill and a little adhesive. Bear in mind that hardwood baseboards might be more challenging to fit, hence requiring professional assistance.

Regarding maintenance, skirting boards aren’t difficult to clean as long as one uses the right cleaning agents. You are supposed to start dusting the surface either with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use the brush attachment that comes with the vacuum for better access to the hard-to-reach spots. Afterward, baseboards should be wiped with warm soapy water to make them shiny.

In case the surface is terribly stained, vinegar can be used to eliminate the stains. Also, bleach is considered extremely helpful in removing tough stains and dirt build-up.

Final word

Baseboards are a nice contribution to every home.

Give them a try!

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