Useful Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want This Year

Photo by Magda Ehlers

Now is the time when all of the Christmas gift guides start rolling out. Usually, these guides are the same every single year. Get some electronics for the men in your life, buy a games console for the kids and so on and so forth.

This year, it’s time to think outside of the box. Why don’t you get people some genuinely useful gifts they’ll actually want? Before we get stuck into the ideas on my mind, please note that this list is mainly aimed at adults. If you want one for kids, you’ll have to wait a little longer and perhaps you’ll see one. So, let’s get stuck into things!


Buying someone a subscription to a service is a fantastic gift idea this year. Perhaps you buy them a Netflix subscription for 6 months. What if they already pay for Netflix? Great, all the more reason to get this gift!

The idea is that they can then cancel this subscription and use the one you have bought for them. If you’re feeling really generous, do it for an entire year or buy a couple of subscriptions to different services. It’s a very useful gift because it allows that person to save money. In the current economic climate, this is something everyone will be keen to do.

Warm winter clothes

You’re going to notice a theme here, and it’s all to do with helping other people save money. Some warm winter clothes will keep people nice and toasty this Christmas. Find some of the best men’s knitwear to gift to friends or family, and they have less reason to turn their heating on. Or they can turn the temperature down just a tiny bit.

A pair of thick socks and thermal joggers will be widely welcomed this year. When 2023 rolls around, the recipients will be very grateful as you’ve helped them work towards reducing their energy bills.

Portable heaters

Another gift idea focused on cutting down energy bills. Sure, it’s not fun to think of Christmas in this way, but that’s the reality of the world we currently live in. People have had to live through worse, and if you can do something to help those you care about, why wouldn’t you?!

Portable heaters plug into the wall and run on electricity, often at a much cheaper rate than central heating systems. You give someone an alternative way to heat their home when it gets cold this winter. Again, this could go a very long way to helping them cope with their energy bills when the big chill hits.

This year, it’s all about helping others and spending your money wisely. Buy people gifts they will actually find useful, rather than things they open, laugh at, enjoy for a bit and then forget about. The gifts above will all help the recipients by making it easier to save money. Once more, we’d rather not have to think about this when giving gifts, but we have no choice. They might not be the flashiest gifts ever, but you can bet they will be appreciated.

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