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Writing a ‘precis’ could be one of the most challenging tasks modern days students has to go through in their college life. The origin of the word ‘precis’ is the French language, which means ‘cut brief’ or ‘precise’. It can be a summary of anything like a written article, published thesis, book, or novel.

The main goal while writing a precis is to describe the core concept of writing in your own words while keeping it brief. You don’t have to paraphrase the written content. The person writing the precis has to reflect the highlight of the original text, mood, and tone of the author in a considerably short number of words.

Sometimes there could be a defined limit of word count for precis, and students have to sum up the original content in the given word limit while maintaining the core concepts, tone, and mood of the original text by the author. Remember, the students can’t write their own perspective in the precis as it is solely meant to define the highlights and core concept of the original text.

Main characteristics of a precis are, it is a critical outline of a written text which is free from additional details, it shouldn’t be written as interpretation of original writing, it should provide an insight to the original text, and if word limit is not defined precis should be compressed to at least ¼th of the original text.

Things to avoid while writing precis are, it shouldn’t be a simple text structure without any concept and connectivity, brief abstract without any background detail, collection of highlights of the original text without any conclusion, and a load of irrelevant facts.

In this article, we will elaborate on the step by step method of writing precis and how a word counter can be useful in writing precis. Further details are given below:

Step by Step Method to Write Precis:

Here are some steps to write precis in a comprehensive manner:

Reading the Original Text Attentively:

This step is an essential element to get things started. Give the original text a read or two to understand the core concept, tone, and mood of the original text. Read the original text until you get familiar with the text.

Now, is the time to mark the highlights of the original text in such a way that you could use these highlights in your precis and make it comprehensive and connected with the core concept of written text?

Making the outline:

Now write down the important parts of the original text in order to create an outline of your precis. This is really important because you have to follow this outline while writing the precis.

If you have missed something, turn towards the original text again and remove your confusion so that there should be no lack of information in the precis, which could make it look faulty and lacking. If you don’t make an outline before writing the draft, you are making a great mistake, which would be reflected in your precis.

Writing the draft:

Now is the time for real action. Follow the outline and discuss every important part of the original text to create a comprehensive and informative precis that should provide insight into the original text in a concise manner. Remember to use the present tense in the precis. For example, write, “The author emphasizes logic” instead of using “the author emphasized logic”. Also, keep the wording as simple as possible. There is no need to use complex words in the precis until it is really needed.

Don’t forget to follow the formatting requirements given by the instructor. Be sure about sticking to the original text, there is no need to include your own opinion while writing precis. Don’t directly quote the original text, as the precise is meant to be a concise summary of the original text.

While making the structure of your draft, in the very beginning, given an introduction of the author, the genre of original content, date of the content, and the topic in the first sentence. There would be some cases when the students need to provide more information about the author, but this would be only applicable when this background is related to the content, somehow.

In the very next part, you have to elaborate on how the author is supporting his argument. You might need to include statements like comparing and contrasting multiple objects or topics, illustrating a point, or creating a narrative. In the next part, you would describe the purpose of the original text. Now, in the next part, you would specify the audience, which was targeted by the author of the original text.

These things would help you in briefing the narrative of the author comprehensively in your precis further. Now connect the outline you created before writing the precis, and there you go, precis draft is ready. Now you just have to review it.

Revise Your Precis:

Although it comes on end, but it is the most important part of the precis writing method. It is time to review your writing and see if there is something missing. If you think something is missing, mark it on the initial draft.

Go on and read the whole precis you may find certain mistakes, now is the time to rectify these mistakes. After revising, now, you are ready to write the precise for submission. Combine the initial draft with rectifications to write a neat, definitive, informative, and comprehensive precis to impress your instructor and get good grades.

Role of Word Counter:

As we discussed earlier, there could be a defined word limit for precis. You need to follow this word limit and sum up the core concepts of the original text in this limit. Word counter would help you in keeping it to the limit. One efficient word counter is available on the Prepostseo website. This word counter doesn’t only tell the number of characters or words in the precis. It would also highlight the most used words in the content and display the longest word and sentence used in precis. This word counter would further help you in making you precis clinical and comprehensive.


Writing precis is an important part of academics. There are certain rules to write precis. We have discussed these rules and discussed an effective method to write precis. We also gave a hint about a useful tool to write precis. We hope you would find this information useful and create an exciting precis with loads of information in the future.

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