5 Uses for Making Extra Money with Your Van (That Aren’t Delivery)


2022 is already being called the year of the squeeze. And if you aren’t feeling it yet, it’s more than likely you soon will be. Energy prices, food and taxes are increasing in April, and in many places, so too is rent. So for many, simply requesting more work isn’t possible. But you can increase cash by making extra money with your van, if you have one, without delivering stuff.

Item Removals

OK, so removing stuff can be thought of as delivery in reverse. Still, there’s a good reason for including the removal in the list. People buy property all the time, and in most cases, it’s to replace something they already have. For example, getting a new couch. But many sofa companies don’t take the old couch when they drop off the new one. This is a dilemma since no one has unlimited space. As a commercial example, agriculture businesses that buy red diesel drums for tractor fuel may need the old ones taken away.

Food and Drink

The hipsters of LA and New York believe they revolutionized food by serving it from vans beginning in the 2000s. But fish and chips, burgers and sausage rolls have been served from vans in Britain for half a century. Also, seaside resorts like Blackpool wouldn’t be the same without ice cream trucks littering the place for those four days of Summer the UK gets in July. While kitting out your van for food and drink might have an initial cost associated, you can make some serious money by attending festivals and gatherings up and down your country.

Local Area Movie Rentals

With everything going digital now, gone are the days of going to a DVD store and renting a movie for a Friday night. Or so you would think. While rental stores like Blockbuster went out of business, it wasn’t for lack of customers. It was because they turned down a deal with Netflix, took them on, and lost. And although DVD sales have declined over the last ten years, DVD rentals are still popular. In fact, Netflix still rents out DVDs to over 2 million subscribers. An initial investment in shelving and licensing will set you back, but you can cover a wide area in a van.

Dog Grooming

In the UK alone, there are almost 10 million pet dogs. That’s a lot of barking. But with that comes the business potential. If you have a hound, then you know getting a dog is like a new member of the family. And you want the best for them. Insurance, good food, exercise and grooming are the basics of dog ownership. And while you have a van, you can go to dog owners rather than have them come to you. And for dog grooming, you don’t need training since you can offer what you are confident doing. So, rather than cutting hair, maybe just a shower.

Mobile Sweet Shop

The confectionery market in the UK is worth almost £4 billion annually. This is highlighted by the sheer number of niche candy stores littering UK high streets. But sadly, high streets are declining a little, and rental of a property in a popular city centre such as Liverpool is likely to be higher than your profits. So rather than pay an absurd amount of rent each month, you could sell candy and treats from the comfort of your van, similar to an ice cream or food truck. However, you will, of course, need the relevant licensing and health and safety checks.

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