Welcome to the personal website and blog of David Savage.

My name is David Savage and I am a computer technician with over 20 years experience in building and repairing PC’s and laptops. About 5 years ago I changed career and became director of Magic Fairy Wings – an online toy store, and What’s Good To Do – a media website with thing’s to do, competitions and product and venue reviews and am also a NUJ registered journalist.

I have interests in Jack the Ripper, True Crime, love reading, technology and gadgets. On my website you will find reviews of books I have read*, products I have used, venues I have visited plus my own personal opinions in my blog entries. Anything I review is either something I have purchased or paid to visit or has been given to me by the author or company for the purposes of writing a honest and impartial review. Some links on the reviews may have Amazon affiliate links, if you purchase the item using this link I will receive a small commission.

Any articles marked with Collaborative Post I have received a small payment to post.

I love to write about things I do, whether that is reading a book, playing with children’s toys (by which I mean helping the children play with theirs), playing with new gadgets and anything educational. All opinions, reviews and blog posts are honest, impartial and my own. I do not charge for reviews so if you would like me to review your product or venue just email me at info@davidsavage.co.uk.

In the first year (August 2015 to August 2016) this website had over 100,000 visits.

*I now publish my book reviews on my dedicated book reviews website What’s Good To Read.